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“Execution is the chariot of genius.” - Blake

Branding & Creative: Identifying the right target audience and presenting the right message to them enables consistent messaging, campaign continuity, and big results. Our capabilities include trans-cultural messaging and translation.

Media Planning and Placement: Media planning is searching out the right audience and how best to reach them. On-line or off-line, the media placement process is much more than just getting the best rates, times and positions on pages, it's about analyzing performance from start to finish improving cost to benefit results. Our past work experience on the sales side of media provides valuable expertise in creating win-win scenarios with the media itself to leverage cash buys with on air and on line promotions.

Broadcast & On-Line Promotion Coordination: Leveraging paid media with promotion coordination and value added media or developing non-traditional promotions are our specialties. We understand the process of sharing media programs to enable and fulfill coop opportunities and develop ongoing strategic partnerships.

Production Supervision: Art direction, design and production supervision from concept to traffic with attention to detail is our ongoing mission.

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